Quality private lessons given out by teachers with high education and extensive professional experience.



Improve all aspects of your singing voice through learning healthy and proven techniques. We teach in a wide variety of styles and adapt to what you like, while always providing a strong, and adaptable foundation.

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Acting lessons or coaching for film, musical theater, theater, and opera.

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Simple and affordable pricing:

30$ for 30 min

50$ for 60 min

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Learn to play the piano as you learn about theory and music reading. We base our teachings on proven and timeless methods. From Mozart, to pop, and jazz, there is a lot to discover!

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Pre-School (In-person only)

The pre-school service allows kids from age 3 to 6 to learn about basic music elements, practice their alphabet and/or reading, play on a variety of instruments like piano, voice, xylophone, and ukulele, as well as preparing them for school or facilitating their adaptation to it.

Other instruments (Coming soon)

We have teachers in our roaster of partners who will make themselves available as demand rises.

Violin and guitar will be offered during the summer.


“Effective, fun and adaptive methods of teaching that build strong techniques and confidence”